Get the Most Out of Your Photographer

Want to hear how to get the most out of your photographer?  Read below for 5 tips to use when booking your next photography session with me.


Share your photo inspiration!

Emails with Pinterest links? YES! Texts with clothing choices? YES!  Dreamy phone calls about finally getting in the pictures with your kids?  YES!  Let me know what you want (or don’t want) in your photos.  Communication is SO important to getting what you want.  I LOVE being your sounding board; helping you get the best look and location for a photo session that has been customized for you.  Plus, the more I know you before the session, the more relaxed we both are for your photos.  No communication and it’s just one big blind date!




Choose a photographer based on more than just your budget!

I want you to find the work of a family, maternity, or newborn photographer that speaks to you.  When you look at their portfolio, I want you to say “I want that!”  Do you want backlit photos with the sun glowing in the background?  Find that photographer.  Do you want photos that capture your family at play with genuine emotion and laughter?  Find that photographer.  Do you want dreamy newborn photos in your home or in a beautifully styled studio?  Find that photographer!



Trust me!

You chose me to be your photographer because you love my work.  RIGHT?!  You shared your hopes and dreams for your session and now images of what I can give you as a photographer are running through my mind… when I drive, when I’m doing the dishes, when I’m packing my kids’ lunch.  I want to give you the best I’ve got and I’m invested in making you happy.  So drop your raised eyebrow full of skepticism and follow me into the light when I say “it’s better over there”.  Turn more to the right when I say to turn to the right (you’re about to fall over, but girl your waist just got TINY), get a little dirty and love on your person like no one is taking your picture.  I’ll capture it all, get your best angles, and deliver you a gallery of beautiful photos.



Tell me who you are and follow me on social media!

I want to know who you are, what you do, what you love.  As your photographer, I invest a small piece of my heart into your photos. I spend more time thinking of you and your family than you realize.  Hours of pre-consultation, scouting the perfect location, the actual session, and then hours again in editing your images.  When I deliver your photos, I hope my love for your family shines through.  I am invested in you and would love to share your name when my friends and clients are looking for a realtor, lawyer, contractor, band, or hundreds of other services.  The world is small and word of mouth is still the best way to get business.  Let’s help each other!


Let me hear from you!

Remember how we just spent all this time together?  Remember how I just gave you a small piece of my heart?  After I deliver your gallery, you are STILL all I think about… as I make dinner, go grocery shopping, and fold the laundry.  I can’t wait to hear what you think!  It is so important to me that you love your photos as much as I do.  When I get your excited text, call or email letting me know you love them too; my heart FILLS WITH JOY!


Then the next time we schedule a session together it will be like getting together with old friends.  No more blind dates!




I am the girl next door; the mom sporting a pony, jeans, and flip flops at drop off. The wife pinning ALL THE RECIPES, but serving up pasta and chicken because that’s what the kids will eat! 

Maybe we’ve met before? Hometown proud: Lincoln, NE? In the Outback of Australia? Hawaii? California? Or around our newest nest in Maryland? As a Navy spouse I’m lucky in love and in the adventures that make up my life. 

There are so many things I love about my life. I love the way a trace of first light peaks in through the bedroom window, capturing my son’s first smile of the day and the way my daughter’s messy bed-head shines in the sun. I want these forever moments and I’m guessing you might be here because you want them too. I’m here to give this gift of photography to you! I am here to capture the moments you want to remember. Every session unique, because it’s inspired by you!