Hi there! I’m Andi! I am the girl next door; the mom sporting a pony, jeans, and flip flops at drop off. The wife pinning ALL THE RECIPES, but serving up pasta and chicken because that’s what the kids will eat! Maybe we’ve met before? Hometown proud: Lincoln, NE? In the Outback of Australia? Hawaii? California? Or around our newest nest in Maryland?

As a Navy spouse I’m lucky in love and in the adventures that make up my life. There are so many things I love about my life. I love the way a trace of first light peaks in through the bedroom window, capturing my son’s first smile of the day and the way my daughter’s messy bed-head shines in the sun. I love PJs, big blooms & baby bottoms, a steaming coffee on the back porch, and jumping on the bed to wake daddy on a Saturday morning. These small moments are the gifts of my life.

As a photographer and a mom, I want ALL THE MEMORIES! For my heart, I want photos that document our days together. Simple moments… snuggling on the sofa or in bed, walking through the gardens hand-in-hand, baking in the kitchen, and playing in the yard.

For my walls, I want grand photos of my family playing together… lush landscapes in the background with a sense of place to remember where we have been and the adventures we have shared. I want wide open spaces that inspire our whimsical…or nostalgic… or romantic sides. Space to be free, playful, and to capture the connection we all have with those we love and belong to. I want these forever moments and I’m guessing you might be here because you want them too.

I’m here to give this gift of photography to you! I’m here to capture the moments you want to remember. Every session unique, because it’s inspired by you!